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    The Yoga & Polarity Center offers a dynamic range of events and workshops.
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  • Teacher Training


    Have you ever thought of becoming a yoga teacher, but thought you had to be some kind of Cirque du Soleil flexible to even apply? Fear not. The Yoga Polarity Teacher Training Program is for anyone ready to make a serious commitment to deepening their yoga practice.
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  • Polarity & Yoga Therapy Training


    Yoga Therapy is an approach to health and healing that is derived from Yoga and Ayurveda and can help with structural, physiological and emotional conditions.
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Roaming Designs with Jen Stock, Jewelry Designer

Join Mindful Jewelry Designer, Jen Stock

to create a custom piece with individual guidance.

Choose from a vast collection of semi-precious, wood beads & pendants

to design a bracelet or necklace that captures your spirituality.

WHEN: Friday, January 19th, 7:00pm – 9:00pm

WHERE: 32 Church Street, Om Studio

PRICE: $50.00



The drum is a sacred tool that has been used by many cultures from around the world to connect us to our heart, the earth, the cosmos, and spirit. It is a medicine in itself which has the ability to help us heal ourselves and others by bringing the body and spirit into its natural rhythm. The beat of the drum has the power to bring people into deep states of meditation and is used often in shamanic journey work.

During the course of this ceremony, you will create your own drum from start to finish. Through focused intention and prayer we will paint our frames and tie our drums. We will share songs and learn how to use and take care of the drum during the course of this gathering. At the end, you will have a beautiful instrument that will be a companion on your spiritual path for years to come. This workshop will be lead by Matt Canale, founder of Blue Deer Drums.  Participants can choose between 16 or 18-inch maple drum frames and select from Deer, Buffalo or Elk skin.

You can also dye your drum skin indigo for an additional $40.

***Please Bring a dish of your choice to share for our lunch break and plenty of snacks to keep you satisfied throughout the day.

*** Please do not make any plans after the event that will cause you to leave early.  This is not something to rush through.  This is a ceremony and the space should be closed together as a group.


Matt Canale

Matt has been a student of Maestro Manuel Rufino since 2008. Maestro Manuel is a recognized Taino Elder, gifted ceremonial leader, and teacher of sacred initiatic traditions of the world. It is with the blessing of Maestro Manuel that he created Blue Deer Drums. Matt is a founding member of Golden Drum, a cultural community center in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. He is also a founding member of Dream Seed, a sound healing ensemble that uses instruments and music from sacred traditions to create a space for deep meditation, relaxation, and self-reflection. Matt is a carrier of the water drum, a sacred ceremonial instrument, which he uses with the blessing of his teacher.  Matt is a gifted painter and artist. 



WHEN: Sunday, February 18th, 11am – 6pm

WHERE: 32 Church Street, Om Studio

PRICE: $275.00 + $40 indigo drum skin (optional)






  New 500 Hour Training Begins October 2018

in collaboration with Yoga Nanda Studios

Congratulations to our

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Graduates!!!

Shazia Luqman, Jackie Hassett and Karen Difronzo-Cipolla



Congratulations 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Graduates!!!

Cristina Diaz, Jaclyn Linzer, Catherine Beriloff, Colleen Petruzzi, Mark Hubbard, Marie Alesse, Maria Spatola, Jeanette Tiomkin, Judith Elsherbini, Suzanne Milano-Duseau, Dorothy Scott, Rachel Sult, Tuval Newman, Elana Kleinman, Gina Balsan, Olga Lehto


New Certification Training in Both Yoga & Polarity Coming This Fall

Click on the individual links below for more information, and start dates:

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training 2017-2018

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training 2017-2018

Yoga Therapy Teacher Training April 2018

Children’s Yoga Teacher Training March 2018

Associate Polarity Practitioner Training 2017-2018

Extended Mentorship with Mindy Frenkel 2018-2019 To Be Announced


YPC 2018

As we enter our 23rd year together we look back on so many wonderful years and so many wonderful community members with love and gratitude. These are times to be grateful for what we have, and to share with others the living art of Yoga and all that means to us in our own individual practice. There are so many to thank over these years that it is hard to single out just a few – so many long-time teachers here, so much wisdom and so much love. Because we are a cooperative we are not based in competition but in cooperation and a spirit of helping one another to succeed. That is unique in an increasingly competitive and exclusionary world – we are here to honor one another’s differences and strengths. Because of this, our center offers many styles of classes to suit everyone- and each teacher is a master in his or her style. Here at the Yoga & Polarity Center we are not just one style – we offer Alignment style (Iyengar inspired), Vini Yoga, Restorative Yoga, vinyasa style, ISHTA master classes, Yin based Hatha yoga, Yoga therapy classes and Polarity Yoga. We even offer yoga classes that are inclusive of 45 minutes of Barre class and 45 minutes of Yoga! We have wonderful children’s yoga and amazing guests and workshops. In the past several years, we have become known as a training facility for Yoga Teachers. We not only offer 200 Yoga Alliance Approved Teacher Training, we also offer the 500 hour level (known as 300 with Yoga Alliance), ISHTA bridge courses, Children’s Yoga Teacher Training and most recently we became one of the elite as we were approved and accredited by the International Alliance of Yoga therapists as an approved 800 Hour training. We are currently running our first group and will begin our next group in late 2018. See our drop down for Yoga Therapy for more information We are also recognized by the International Polarity Therapy Alliance and the American Polarity Therapy Association as Approved Trainings for Board certification in Polarity therapy. If you want to know more about Polarity Therapy, check out our drop down for Polarity Training. As we move into the coming year, we want to wish all of our students the best – and to hope that as our world changes, we are able to help everyone to move and change with ease and to weather all their challenges with grace and ease. Check out our class schedule at our Om studio and our new Prem studio. For all of you who read this, may your day be filled with Peace, and may Yoga light the way. Om, Shanti Heather Principe