Polarity Therapy Practitioner Trainings

We provide training within four levels of this work:

• The first level, or what we call our “adjunct level” is the Associate Polarity Practitioner APP – which are the fundamental energetic/Vedic principles as they apply to the energetic body-mind.

• The second level, Registered Polarity Practitioner RPP – is for a more in-depth understanding of the practice, a much deeper level of both verbal and physical clinical acuity, and can be practiced in states where there is a less rigorous stipulation for practice.

• The third level is a Board-certified Polarity Practitioner BCPP, which includes a proficiency for clinical practice included in the Registered Polarity Practitioner Training. To reach the Board Certification level, the successful trainee must also take a Board Certification Examination, which is administered and controlled by an outside body: The Certifying Governing Council.

• Finally, for those who complete these journeys, we offer a course in Teacher Training Registered Polarity Educator, preparing the adept to become teachers of the Healing Art. This level is complete with Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master levels.