Registered Polarity Educator (RPE)

Registered Polarity Educator

After completing qualifications of Educational study at the APP and RPP levels, a student may desire the journey toward teaching Polarity.

There are two levels of RPE:
• Board Certified Registered Polarity Educator
• Registered Polarity Educator

The difference is simply the Clinical Qualification of the Educator.

• A Board Certified Registered Polarity Educator has passed the Board Examination and has successfully completed a 125-hour course of Supervised Clinical Training.
• A Registered Polarity Educator has taken the Associate and Registered courses

If you wish to join this training, you must demonstrate proof of having completed both levels of training from your source school. This information should be communicated to the Director.

Registered Polarity Educator Curriculum

Classroom Learning – Didactic (40 hours)

Module 1 September 22, 2018
• The Ten Principles of Learning
• Teaching Polarity- Holding Space (The Expanded session)
• Breaking down your material and creating a template
• Supervision
• ‘The Circle of Learning

Module 2 October 27, 2018
• The Didactic and the Practice – The Hunter Method
• Demonstrating a Protocol
• Lesson Plans – simplifying structure

Module 3 December 9, 2018
• Preparing a Lecture
• The Art and Use of Storytelling
• Standards of Education and Adherence

Module 4 January 13, 2019
• Holding Space
• The Depth of Relational Reflection – Layers of Learning

Module 5 February 10, 2019
• Developing Curriculum/Using Established Curriculum
• Delivering Curriculum- the Importance of Objectives in Learning

Other Requirements:

Apprentice: Assist in One full cohort of APP as Observer (60 hours credit)
Journeyman: Assist in One full cohort as contributing Teacher (60 hours credit)

Develop and Deliver one four-hour Didactic complete with Demonstration of Protocol
15 hours credit

Logs will be kept for every class attended as an Apprentice and as Journeyman
Logs will be handed in to the Director and kept on file
Write-ups of Classroom observations will accompany each class attendance. 20 of these observations are to be handed in to the Director for review. Observations will include elemental observations, observations about “charges” and “reactions”, including RPE students own “charges” and “reactions.

Total Cost of Program: $750.00 Plus four (4) supervision sessions at $100 per session

It is suggested that the supervision involve a charge that comes up in the classroom environment.

If you are not intending to apply for your RPE, you are welcomed to attend any session that interests you separately.

There will be 5 Saturday Meetings attendance: 10:30 am – 5:30 pm
September 22, 2018 Teaching Polarity – Holding Space – The expanded Session and Supervision