About Us

We have been dedicated to teaching Polarity to students for over 25 years. There is no doubt that Polarity will not only inform your current Practice, it will change the very nature of the way you understand your own life and purpose, address your challenges and empower your own life. The range of student is vast, but many come from the following backgrounds:
• Yoga Teachers
• Reiki Practitioners
• Psychologists
• Massage Therapists
• Clinical Psychotherapy Practitioners
• Physical Therapists
• Occupational Therapists

Polarity is a healing art based on ancient hermetic understandings of the movement of energy in the human body. It bases its understandings on the three basic laws of energy (quantum physics) and the Vedic underpinnings of Yoga.

The practice of Polarity Therapy addresses all patterns of the energetic being: The mind, emotions and physical body as they align with the spirit and the core karmic energy that each of us possesses. It is a basic precept of the art of Polarity that an organism can only function in a state of ease when all the bodies are aligned.

The fundamental energetic concepts of Polarity Therapy are:
• Everything is made of energy
• Energy is always moving
• Energy is never lost, it is simply transformed

The fundamental Vedic concepts of Polarity Therapy are:
• Matter is ultimately a step-down process from its energetic (spirit) source
• Matter follows a Macrocosmic/Microcosmic pattern of dynamic function
• The nature of physical realities transcends the fixed state when the Tri-pole system of energy is recognized

Polarity Therapy can be learned and applied as a stand-alone practice or can be an enhancing element in the practices of the following professionals:

• Allopathic Medical doctors
• Psychotherapists
• Psychologists
• Physical Therapists
• Occupational Therapists
• Nurses
• Massage Therapists

We provide training within four levels of this work:

• The first level, or what we call our “adjunct level” is the Associate Polarity Practitioner APP – which are the fundamental energetic/Vedic principles as they apply to the energetic body-mind.

• The second level, Registered Polarity Practitioner RPP – is for a more in-depth understanding of the practice, a much deeper level of both verbal and physical clinical acuity, and can be practiced in states where there is a less rigorous stipulation for practice.

• The third level is a Board-certified Polarity Practitioner BCPP, which includes a proficiency for clinical practice included in the Registered Polarity Practitioner Training. To reach the Board Certification level, the successful trainee must also take a Board Certification Examination, which is administered and controlled by an outside body: The Certifying Governing Council.

• Finally, for those who complete these journeys, we offer a course in Teacher Training Registered Polarity Educator, preparing the adept to become teachers of the Healing Art. This level is complete with Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master levels.