Associate Polarity Practitioner



The Associate Practitioner Certification

Good Adjunct to other Licenses, ie:  MSW, Psychologist, Chiropractor, DO, etc.

Polarity 1:  14 hours (2 full days) 10-6
Student will Learn the full general bodywork session and begin the development of understanding the Energetic Body and the Step-down model of Spirit into Form.

An overview of the Human Energy Field and the dynamic of the Core System. A full somatic introduction to the concept of the Triune Function .
Stand-alone cost:  $400  September 28 & 29th 2019  11-6 pm


Yoga and Polarity Center – 32 Church Street, Malverne, NY

&  3 Elements Healings Arts Center – 34-34 Bell Blvd., Bayside, NY 11631

Polarity 2:  35 hours (6 full 7 hour days) 11-6 pm
Student will begin to develop a deeper understanding of the Vedic Body (Elemental Body) and learn bodywork protocols to address each elemental Reflex associated.  Also included will be the vedic understanding of Nutrition and Astrology.
Stand-alone cost:  $975 Sundays October 13,,27 November 10, 24  Dec 8,  2019 11-6 pm

Ahimsa in Communication: 30 hours (5 full 7 hour days)
The Art of self understanding as the Student will begin to explore differentiations between mental body, emotional body and physical body responses, and will learn the preliminary techniques around verbal work with clients.
Stand-alone cost:  $975  Jan 12, 26  Feb 16, 23  March 15  2019  11-6 pm

Reflexology: 20 hours (3 full 8 hour days)
Student will learn the rudimentary relationships between reflex points in the feet, hands and face, and will learn bodywork techniques to address organs and energetic issues.  A deeper examination and immersion into vedic bodywork.
Stand alone cost:  $575  April 24, 25, 26  11-6 pm

Cranial 1: 20 hours (3 full 8 hour days)

Student will begin to learn the rhythms that connect us to the universal energies and how those rhythms integrate our own energetic functions.  The three basic rhythms of the Cranial system and how they relate to the Human Energy Field.                                                                                                                   Stand-alone cost:  $575  May 8, 9, 10  11-6p

Evaluation Clinic & Supervision: 14 hours (2 full 8 hour days)

Clinical practice  May 29, 6-9p  &  May 30, 11-6p

Stand-alone cost:  $250

Other Requirements

5 Sessions Received from RPP or BCPP

30 Sessions given and documented

Full Program Cost:  $3,100 (Paid in convenient monthly installments)

(SAVE $650 over course by course)


Location: OM Studio, Yoga and Polarity Center, 32 Church St., Malverne

Contact: Heather at or (516)662-7878 to reserve your spot