Polarity is a healing art based on ancient understandings of the movement of energy in the human body. It bases its understandings in the three basic laws of energy (quantum physics). The practice of polarity therapy addresses all patterns of the energetic being: The mind, emotions and physical body as they align with the spirit. It is a basic precept of the art of polarity that an organism can only function in a state of ease when all the bodies are aligned.

Learn the history of Polarity Therapy.

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Polarity Cranial Sacral Series of Bodywork

We will be offering the following RPP modules on Cranial Sacral Bodywork as a stand-alone series.

  • Module 19:
    Cranial Sacral Biodynamics I – Listening for the Tide (M)
  • Module 20:
    Cranial Sacral Biodynamics I – Listening for the Tide – Part 2
  • Module 21:
    Cranial II – Anatomy & Facilitation of Facial Bones
  • Module 22:
    Cranial II – Cranial Unwinding
  • Module 25:
    Advanced Cranial Unwinding Weekend

Date: Refer to individual modules
Time: Refer to individual modules
Where: Prem Studio, 30 Church St., Malverne, NY
Cost: $695
Contact: To register, call our office at 516-578-2898

The fundamental concepts of Polarity Therapy are:

  • Everything is made of energy
  • Energy has to move
  • Energy is never lost, it is simply transformed
  • Suggested reading: The Kybalion by the Three Initiates